Krusty's FX 2.0 beta
Volume II - Texture Generators
Finally, here it is : version 2.0 of my texture generators plugins ! I think I have been annoncing it on my old site for 1 or 2 years ! :-) But now it's true the beta version is over and you'll be able to freely download it here ... Since it's a beta version, it means it's not over yet, but unlike standard betas I won't correct any bugs or make any changes the GUI, but instead I'll add more filters to it. So from time to time you'll see new filters, but there'll be also downloadable one by one, so you won't have to redownload the big file. Click to see more previews


Click to see more previews Krusty's FX 2.0 is the new version of my old texture generators collection (Krusty's FX 1.0 vol. II) Same old filters with few changes ? no ! about the half of this collection are old filters, but completely recoded from the beginning, and many of them makes completely different results. All other filters are new filters which I've done this year. Here's some benefits over older versions :

  • Many new filters
  • The preview window bug is now fixed (the old version did not match the final result)
  • The filters are now 3 to 2 times faster
  • They are now transparency aware
  • They comes with full installation files
  • The graphical user interface has been changed
  • Many minor bugs fixes

Click to see a larger image of the user interface
(Click to see a larger preview of the user interface)


Krusty's FX only work in RGB mode & support transparency

The plugin has been tested in Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0, I'm not sure if they work in windows 3.1.

This Adobe Photoshop Plugin should work in the following applications :

  • Adobe Photoshop 3.x & newer
  • Fractral Design Painter 3.x & newer
  • Paint Shop Pro (I didn't have the time to test supported version)
  • COREL Photopaint (I didn't have the time to test supported version)
  • About any Photoshop 3.0 Plugin compatible applications

Click to see more previews

If you're using an application that doesn't support the filters, please contact me.

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Read the license agreement file
Read the Readme.txt file (misc. informations)

Windows 9x and XP 32 bits only (self install)
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Windows XP/Vista/7 32 or 64 bits (zip archive)
Use this version if you have a 64 bits system! Extract all files in your plugins directory
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